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How are you adding up to the competition?  SEO is one of the cheapest methods to acquire a customer.  You are at a huge disadvantage without it.

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Local SEO

Get found for local search results.  The map pack is a huge part of local searches.  If you are not found here, you are missing a HUGE piece of the search volume share. 

Organic SEO

Get found for the organic listings in the search results.  There are millions of searches you can be found for.  Its important to be seen for all. 

Affiliate SEO

Sell products for other companies and get a cut of their sales and revenue.  This is a major reason as to how Amazon became so big so fast. 

E-commerce SEO

Build your own store and rank for search terms related to your products.  SEO is a cheap form of traffic that has a great ROI!

Result Based Marketing

We have ranked over a combined 250,000+ Keywords on the first page of Search Engines for our clients. We have many case studies and testimonials too. Just ask us to see them!


We have a abnormal obsessions when it comes to SEO and we are constantly testing and measuring our efforts. Always raising the bar, learning, and implementing.

Massive Results

We have gotten our clients insane results. Most of our clients have been with us FOR YEARS. We put our clients results first and want to do everything possible to keep them coming back for more. Our goal is to make you way more money than ever before!

Month-To-Month Terms

No Long Contracts you cannot escape. All our clients are on a month-to-month basis. We want to work for your business and get the results everyone needs to take their business to the next level.

Why Work With Us

We are Tulsa’s SEO Expert. We have over three decades of combined SEO experience with ranking websites and getting pages to show up on the top positions of all major search engines. Our SEO services, can do wonders for businesses that are looking for a boost in revenue from online sources. We have seen dozens of our clients have a complete change in their month to month business with all the leads and business that comes in from SEO. It is a truly something special and even more amazing to be on the receiving end of the marketing campaign.

What is SEO? We optimized your website real estate to send signals to Google and Bing so they position your website pages on the first page of search terms.

We are building a river of red hot leads to your website. It is magic! All the business is on the first of search engines for any search term. It is prime real estate and to be seen there is gold. That is what our service does, we position your website to be seen on the first page naturally.

Many of our clients come back for more and do SEO on other businesses or new ventures/ideas that they wanted to always do. It is very comforting knowing when you appear on the first page of Google (natural results) business will come in.

We have been working with clients all over the US for more than a decade. Ranking on the first page for some of the most competitive terms in SEO.

We strive to get our clients results fast and to ultimately greatly improve their financial ROI.

Look at these results below.  Since working with this client (5 Months) there has been a 69.7% increase in traffic (Compared to Last Year).

seo expert

He ranks everywhere in  Dallas for many competitive terms now  in his niche.


Here are his Google My Business Results since joining…

tulsa gmb seo

Do you think that is getting more business from his SEO campaign?  ….Short answer = YES!!!  These results are common and standard with our clients experience.

Contact us today to get started with our SEO services.  Lets dominate the competition and take over Google!

We are the Tulsa, OK SEO Expert and we want to make your business thrive!

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