How do you find out if your marketing is producing for you?  There are so many different sources of traffic.  You have Google, YouTube, Facebook/Instagram, Linked In, TikTok, etc so many different traffic sources.  Some are paid and some are free.  But how do you tell the ROI of it?  How can you track what is coming in and what customer came from where?

That is super important.  Heck you track your money in your bank account.  You track it with monthly bookkeeping, bank statements, bank alerts, accounting, and taxes.  Well, marketing is the source of where all your customers come from.

You need to track this too just as you do employees time and management of their task/responsibilities.  Don’t let the marketing have a pass, it is one of the most important functions of your business.  Sales/customers is the lifeblood of your business.  Sales cures all.

Why is tracking marketing important?  Well when you track the actions a customer can take on your website, you can tell how well a page on your website is performing and how WELL it converts those visitors/potential customers into PAYING customers.

It’s all math and tracking it will REALLY tell you what is going on with your site and marketing efforts.

Let’s break it down with some simple math and pictures from my clients and their marketing campaigns.

The picture above is a screenshot from one of our marketing clients, a Day Spa in Dallas.  When we implemented the tracking for the site and goals they were able to make a important decision.  At the time, they were spending a lot on social media marketing.  When I showed the numbers, they realized it was not producing like they thought before.  I showed them that almost all of their business was coming from search engine optimization  (SEO) and Google.  They quickly cut back on social media and doubled down on search engine optimization. (SEO)   They were able to make a important money saving decision from the data.  Only 94 bookings came from social media, and 1337 came from SEO.  Quite a difference.

With tracking every action a person can take on your website, you will be able to trim the fat from your marketing that does NOT PRODUCE.  Saving you money, effort, and time from trying to pursue in futile attempts.   Meanwhile, double, triple, or quadruple down on the marketing that is producing for you.

That is how you scale to the moon and grow fast. With math, tracking, and using data to your advantage.

You can see all of these insights when you are tracking the conversion/goal events/customer actions you want.  It is magic and will only AID your business decisions with a sword of truth and effectiveness every time.

With the screenshot below we were able to get a conversion rate of 17.33% using conversion rate optimization.  The standard conversion rate across all industries is around 2.35%.  Terrible.  When you convert 17.33% of all your website traffic into leads, it gets really fun.  Your website turns into a ATM and grows very fast.

screenshot of conversion rate of site

With Tracking Your Marketing/Analytics you can

– Find pages that need improvement with conversion rate optimization.

  • Find what made that potential customer actually buy your product/service.
  • Find out why people are not buying.
  • Find out why people are leaving and not staying on the website.
  • Find out what is working on certain pages and implement it on the entire site.
  • Cut out marketing that is not working and wasting your money
  • Double down on marketing sources that is producing.
  • Almost endless possibilities

How critically helpful can finding this info be for you? Huge, its literally the difference between getting the customer or having them leave your website.  Very important!!!!  That is the difference between growing/decaying.

If you need help implementing this on your site, contact us today to get started.  We will track all the actions a customer can take on your website and you can begin to make more data backed informed decisions.

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