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Muu offers search engine marketing to the surrounding Tulsa area. 90% of online business take place on the first page of major search engines. If you are not found there, good luck getting many people seeing your website from search engines.

Search engine marketing can seem like a foreign language to most businesses. When you have Search engine optimization (SEO) on your company’s website, it can bring in so much business. Without, people have a hard time finding your services. If you don’t get in front of your ideal customers and offer a solution to their problems you won’t get much business.

Many people think that social media is where it is at in regards to getting new business. While this is somewhat true, SEO is excellent for people who are searching for a solution to their problem. SEO is keyword based and a great way to have your website shown as a solution for a specific problem related to your business. Social media is for sharing cool and shiny things. Check out the info-graphic below for great facts

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That is where our services come in.  Call it push button marketing, you pay us and we do your Search engine marketing for you.  You really don’t have to put any effort except in the initial stages for logins and all.  Other than that, it is great as you watch your monthly visitors from search engines increase month over month.

Many of our clients, started our service when never really knowing much about SEO.  After trying our services, they have easily tripled their spending with SEO after seeing the amazing benefits and revenue producing power of SEO.

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